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Knoll Dividends Horizon Panel System, Knoll Generation Task Seating, Knoll Sapper Monitor Arms

Knoll Dividends Occasional Tables, Knoll Moment Side Seating, Coalesse Enea Cafe Seating, Coalesse Host Executive Conference Tables, Nienkamper Vox Conference/Team Room Tables, Stylex Sara Conference Room Seating, Kilhauer Cahoots Lounge Seating

Tate & Lyle


When Tate & Lyle, a global provider of high quality ingredients to the food and beverage industry, relocated to a new space in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Cannon Design worked Corporate Concepts to create a customer-centric office that attracts talent, inspires employees, and promotes innovation. Corporate Concepts successfully teamed with the talent of Cannon Design to create this LEED Gold certified space.

Corporate Concepts provided Knoll Dividends Horizon workstations to create a low horizon layout. Low frameless powdered glass add-ups support the collaborative approach to the office and maintain equal access to natural light while also delineating the space. To respond to individual user preferences, Knoll Generation Task Seating and Knoll Sapper Monitor arms were selected as they offer flexible solutions for focus and shared work styles.