Banner & Witcoff


In a new space perched high above the Chicago River, Banner & Witcoff aimed to create an elegant environment without waste. The firm asked the interiors teams to seamlessly integrate furniture from their previous offices as well as elements already in the new space. What's more, the shape of their new building created a challenge - its oval footprint gives the skyscraper room to breathe within the crowded landscape, but requires a measured approach to space planning.

Corporate Concepts worked closely with the design team to address the client's needs. By aligning workstations and furniture along a center core, rather than the exterior walls, we were able to assure symmetry throughout the floorplan. In addition, a neutral color scheme with pops of the company's brand blue give new and repurposed furniture a unified, intentional look. The result is the modern yet established look the company was hoping to project to clients and their talented employees.

Private Offices:
Knoll Reff Profiles Storage and Height-Adjustable Desks

Knoll Dividends Horizon Workstations, Knoll K.Stand Height-Adjustable Tables, Knoll Anchor Storage

Financial and Professional Services