BDO, Oakbrook

The BDO Oakbrook office, situated within the transformed McDonald's campus, emerges as a beacon of revitalization. Partnering with Gensler, BDO crafts a narrative of renewal, utilizing 25,000 SF. Amidst nature's embrace, the workspace thrives, embracing panoramic views that influenced BDO's real estate choice.

A warm, nature-infused reception greets visitors, while a lake-facing executive conference room captivates the eye. Flexible workspaces in the north suite offer diverse settings, from open ceilings adorned with historic brickwork to National Park-themed conference rooms. With an array of furnishings, the office cultivates a space that empowers teams to excel within a dialogue with its natural surroundings.

Spacestor, Bludot, Keilhauer West Elm, Ferm Living

Workstations, Private Office & Collaboration:
Knoll, Stylex, Bernhardt, Bludot, Keilhauer 

Nienkamper, Stylex

Bernhardt, Stylex, West Coast Industries, Martin Bratturd, Spacestor

Gensler | Gillian Fry Photography