Berger Schatz

Welcome to the transformed office space of Berger Schatz, spanning over 13,133 square feet. In collaboration with Charlie Greene Studio, we redefined their workspace, showcasing our expertise in transforming innovative legal environments. The project focused on accommodating visitors and fostering workplace culture, resulting in an expanded conference center with a sophisticated ambiance.

An inviting café area with panoramic views became a central hub for collaboration and socialization. The private offices were redesigned with a universal size concept, promoting flexibility and uniformity. Seamless integration of video conferencing tools in each attorney's office and conference room enhances productivity and communication. The sleek Scandinavian-inspired design, with residential-inspired elements, brings sophistication and comfort to the workspace.

Bernhardt, Nienkamper, DWR, Haute Living, &Tradition

Workstations & Private Offices:
Knoll, SitOnIt, Andreu World

Conference & Collab:
Bernhardt, Nienkamper, Gubi, Ferm Living, Haute Living, &Tradition

DWR, Ton, Prismatique, VenueIndustries

Design Firm: Charlie Green Studio | Photography: Tom Harris