We were honored to find exciting new interior furniture solutions for Lamar Johnson Collaborative's office. As an innovative full-service design and architecture firm, they're always looking to "solve challenges by leveraging the collective expertise and ingenuity" of their partners. Working on this project was a testament to their confidence in our team's ability to deliver the best interior furniture solutions on time and within their budget.

Lamar Johnson Collaborative's office updates called for renovated collaborative spaces. They needed 94 new workstations and three conference rooms where people could gather and work together efficiently. 

Firstly, we made use of their current assets. Their existing storage units were still in great shape. We reused these pieces and optimized them for future use to keep costs low and reduce unnecessary waste. 

Next, we developed high-impact, flexible workstations to fit their unique needs. Lamar Johnson Collective was especially impressed with the Knoll k. bench. This piece has highly effective power and data storage, keeping cables and wires concealed and leaving stations with a clean, sleek appearance. We paired these stations with the extra supportive Knoll Life chair.

For their conference tables, our team chose Icon Modern tables. All their pieces are crafted from sustainable materials and were customized to Lamar Johnson Collaborative's liking. To finish their conference room, we added Andreu World Nuez chairs, which are built to conform to the occupant's body for comfort. 

Finally, we implemented DIRTT powdercoat glass walls and doors and LEAF folding walls. These allow ample natural light to flow through the space and provide acoustically private meeting and collaborative spaces.