S&S Activewear


DIRTT and the Accelerate Built Environments Team are excited to share their partnership with S&S Activewear in the build out of a 22,000SqFt office expansion in suburban Bolingbrook, IL.

This quickly growing company had reached capacity at their current HQ office and distribution center just down the street. Along with design firm DXU Architects and the general contractor, Loberg Construction, DIRTT created an exciting, fresh, and edgy space serving as a new home for several of the company’s departments.

DIRTT’s slogan of “custom is standard” is evident just off the elevators - the stacked solid and glass walls with a band of butt-jointed wood planks and signage combine for a welcoming and high-impact feature but also provide privacy to the Board Room just beyond. All conference rooms and the training center were equipped with large TVs imbedded into a DIRTT media wall. This is coupled with writeable surfaces across the lengths of all walls allowing for collaboration and flexibility within each space. Offices have stick-built glass fronts and solid dividing walls, imbedded tackable fabric walls, and whiteboards.

In addition to the walls, DIRTT also provided a turn-key modular plug-and-play power and networks solution. With an open ceiling, it was imperative that pre-planning for exposed Electrical Zone Boxes and Network Consolidation Points were strategically located to be as hidden as possible but remain accessible for future flexibility and reconfiguration.

DIRTT Solutions & Finishes:
Imbedded Technology, Stacked Solid and Glass Walls, Butt-jointed Glazing, Framed Barn & Pivot Doors, Thermofoil Plank Wall, Fabric-wrapped Tackable Tiles, Custom Chromacoat Tiles, Writeaway Markerboard Tiles, Modular Power & Networks