Syntellis' new office space in Fulton Market is a modern and inviting workspace that reflects the company's culture of innovation and collaboration. The space is divided into two main areas: client-facing spaces and employee-focused areas. The client-facing spaces are designed to impress and provide a comfortable setting for meetings and presentations.

The employee-focused areas are designed to promote productivity and creativity, with plenty of natural light, comfortable seating, and collaborative spaces. Walnut runs throughout the space, unifying the different areas and creating a sense of flow. A large cafe anchors the corner of the suite, providing a place for employees to gather and socialize. The overall design of the space is both stylish and functional, creating a workplace that employees will be proud to call home.

Muuto, DPG, Rove Concepts, Martin Bardttrud

Knoll, SitOnIt

Knoll, Muuto, Icon Modern

Rove Concepts, Andreu World, Davis, Martin Brattrud

Charlie Greene Studio | Christopher Barrett Photography