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United Airlines, a leading global airline, has been headquartered in Chicago's iconic Willis Tower since 2010. Recently, the company embarked on a project to revamp two significant amenity hubs within the building. These hubs were designed to offer a cohesive environment with various functionalities, including collaborative spaces, social areas, relaxation spots, and more. To achieve this vision, United Airlines collaborated with the architecture firm Gensler and Corporate Concepts, selecting contemporary and resilient furniture pieces adaptable to any setting within the building.

Since the establishment of its headquarters in the Willis Tower, United Airlines has continued to invest in enhancing its workspace to cater to employees' diverse needs. The two revitalized amenity hubs, meticulously designed, aim to foster a dynamic atmosphere that promotes productivity, creativity, and employee well-being. By offering a harmonious blend of functional spaces for collaboration, relaxation, and social interaction, United Airlines seeks to provide a welcoming and adaptable work environment that reflects its commitment to meeting the evolving demands of modern aviation and workplace culture. Read the full story on our blog.

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