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At Corporate Concepts, we like to say "yes." Over the years, as our clients' needs have grown, so have our service offering. Today, partners look to us for an extensive range of services associated with developing a new environment ― from providing evidence-based recommendations that draw upon Knoll's extensive store of workplace research to decommissioning and refurbishing existing investments.

Warehousing? CHECK.

Recycling fixtures? ABSOLUTELY.

Handling surprises? It's what we do .

Our goal is to provide thoughtful, attentive value to every client engagement, well beyond the key categories described below.

Project Management

Key to any project's success is understanding each client‘s needs and goals, so we can help reflect the brand, culture, and objectives in an exceptional finished space. In addition, we make the process easy through a consultative approach and painstaking attention to detail. Here are a few ways our service stands out.


  • Our consultative approach leverages Knoll's deep workplace research and knowledge on our clients' behalf, helping to ensure that spaces perform.

  • Proprietary CAD technology allows us to optimize 3D drawings and color renderings, as well as ensure consistent application of standards throughout complex environments and multiple locations.

  • Repurposing, recycling, and decommissioning existing furniture, systems, and fixtures helps you maximize income and tax benefits and contributes toward LEED® certification.

  • Careful management of specifications, order tracking, and delivery―plus proactive expediting of time-sensitive orders―helps projects move forward on schedule. We coordinate directly with manufacturers to ensure clear communications about orders.


  • Product literature, manuals, and warranties are all loaded into an electronic library for easy access. Plus, we maintain a database of as-built drawings, typicals, and inventory so future needs can be addressed quickly.

  • Up-to-the-minute information about quotes, orders, and invoices can be accessed securely online by clients, vendors, and team members.

  • In the event of unforeseen schedule changes, our team can hold products, arrange for rental furniture, provide long-term storage, or identify alternate solutions.


Certified installation firm Systems Unlimited works closely with us to manage most of our furniture installations. Our teams coordinate with the building, general contractor, construction trades, and the architect on dock conditions, delivery schedules, certificates of insurance, elevator time, and anything else that may affect installation. An experienced project foreman is assigned to each installation to oversee the installation crew and ensure that the project is completed to everyone's satisfaction. As the project nears completion, our teams ensure that all punch-list items are completed. In addition, a skilled quality control team member will be assigned to ensure accuracy from order through installation. Their extensive knowledge of furniture specifications, installation practices, and requirements helps contribute to your project's success. 


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Making it Happen!



Ongoing Support

Once you are a Corporate Concepts client, you are always a Corporate Concepts client. As the installation draws to a close, we address every detail, from final cleaning through move-in and beyond.

Clients look to Corporate Concepts for:


  • Additional products as new needs arise
  • Product orientations for personnel
  • Post move-in audits with clients
  • Standards and finishes manuals
  • Responsive product maintenance, repair or replacement in line with each product's warranty
  • Secure, climate-controlled furniture warehousing and inventory
  • Repurposing, trade-in, and disposal of existing furniture and equipment
  • Furniture rental or leasing